Thanks asus for making your phone my first and last phone

jay.kunwar66jay.kunwar66 Level 1
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I wrote the problem no one responded

Thanks for wasting money on garbage phone

Software have so many issues

Now last update ruined my phone

Charging port heating problem so many other guys also reported same problems

My charging port burnt I can't charge my phone

I never used any other cable and charger

In this pandemic I can't even go to service center

Thank u so much for your 6month service

No more asus rog


  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Have you tried a new cable/ new charger before the ports have burnt out? It sounds logical that if you device is about to catch fire, you should really stop using it. I won't make the decicion for you whether you prefer to have a burnt phone or wait for a repair centre to open.

    Firstly, sorry to hear that your phone is not working as expected as everyone knows a phone should be working out of the box without the issues you are getting at the moment.

    Secondly, with the forum being the only point of asking for help because the service centres are closed due to the pandemic, it's not fair to say ASUS is not trying to help. They have tried I reckon, but sometimes these issues are beyond able to help just over a forum. An inspection of your device is probably what you need.

    Thirdly, saying "Well done asus for ruining my money" doesn't do any justice. Moderators, Admins and Community are humans here too, so not everyone will know what the solution is to every problem.

    Final point, you probably get the same treatment elsewhere during this pandemic. Not sure why ASUS should be blamed for the service centre not to open during this pandemic.

  • @jay.kunwar66 Sorry to hear about your problems. I understand the pandemic is making it hard (or outright possible) to visit a service center right now. I hope the situation gets better soon and that you'll be able to have your device looked at.

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