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Both charging ports not charging - ROG 2

Just yesterday my rog phone 2 side charging port wont charge or will not accept my charger in not sure which, but definitely not charging on both ports.The lower left charging port have not charge for a while that started sometime after updated to A1...

Issues increasing in my ROG 2 device day- by-day

While I am on the call the people on the other end of the call can't hear my voice properly due to microphone issue.Phones restarts while using whatsapp- Happened three times till now.Phones extremely lags before getting a whatsapp call.-Screen freez...

ROG Phone 3

jetjosh92 by Rising Star II
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Anyone know Rog phone 3

Anyone know if the rog phone 3 will be dust and water proff? It's one thing I miss in phone 2.

Cenimm by Rising Star I
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Audio Issue

My headphone is disconnecting continuously sometimes.. I can't even play games very well梁梁.I AM USING A WIRED GAMING HEADPHONE. I tried other earphones and headphones but having same issues...Please help ASAP.

NemoJr by Star III
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Bluetooth crashes in developer settings

Hey since the last update last week I've been getting crashes editing developer settings, I got a new pair of Bluetooth headphones and wanted to manually set the codec and settings however it keeps on crashing when Bluetooth is enabled.

Direct video calling without any third party app

Now in this era almost all phones even mid rangers have the feature of direct video calling without using any third party app. And here I'm with 'So Called Budget Flagship'. Flagship??!! It sucks man to not have a basic feature. Totally disappointed ...

Should i be worried?

Yet again another battery droppage. My device is at normal temperature and restarted it several times. I am just watching youtube which used to consume 5%/h but now its using battery like a crazy. I want to know if i should visit service center?

by Not applicable
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