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My battery percentage charged 3% as soon as i plugged in my charger. I observed it and i have a ss on my accu battery. Please tell me if i should be worried or not.

As you can see the battery charged 3% in 0 min. It was 55% before and suddenly it jumped to 58%.


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    Dude to be honest, stop using application which people back in 2010 thought were useful but to be honest they weren't useful or reliable. They just consume battery and run in the background and to the date they aren't reliable...

  • Okay? But this doesnt explain how my mobile charged 3% as soon as i plugged it in, does it?

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    The 3% is not worrying at all considering it's hyper-charged. A phone with almost 0% can hyper-charge to 100% at just over an hour. It's actually very impressive too.

    On another note with another phone like Samsung S20 or/and Hwawei, I was impressed too with it's speedy wireless charge. If ASUS decides to take on wireless charging, it will benefit as the world is becoming ever wireless. I can be impressed by technology these days but hey, hello world to digital world!

    Vamp is right about not to rely on these apps which helps you save battery juice. It is designed to help you monitor but not to gain battery. If you do really want to save battery, regular clean up of processes you don't use and prevent auto start-up apps from running is also a great alternative to like AccuBattery. The other downside to AccuBattery is it cannot see apps that run in the background as part of the system. For example, no launcher, which is constantly being used - although I might be wrong because I haven't used these apps since my first smart phone.

    One slight issue I am seeing though, I recommend to probably look at use Battery Care that comes with the phone so it doesn't overcharge your phone. Each time your phone discharges by let say 3%, your phone charger will charge that 3% adding the number of charge cycles. With Battery Care, it will calculate how much time for it to charge to 100% and space the charge so you're not over doing it.

    The screenshot being provided is saying you are disconnecting and charging too often. This will have negative impact on the battery as 1) it will cause unneccessary wear and tear on the USB-C ports 2) the life of battery will come shorter quickly.

  • I am monitoring my battery by the app and i am aware it does not in any way affect my battery life in a positive way. The average charge of 1% is 45 seconds and it charged 3% as soon as i plugged in my charger which is strange. Explain this.

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    How much and how long you charge depends on different factors. The charger type, the cable type, your battery (some battery have better performance on charging), the hardware behind it (for example, is it using conductable materials), apps in the background is running, your usage.

    I can't explain why you have instantly got 3% charge (but I won't definately be complaining if it was me) after you are plugged in, but at least you didn't see a 3% drop after you unplugged. I guess this is more to science on how battery works in which case I don't have a clue about.

    I don't know if you have heard of this before. So when you buy a new phone, you should always charge it to 100% (or overnight) switched off. It has probably got something to do with this as it remembers (just like a car battery remembering the time and the CMOS battery in the PC).

    Do you have the source of average charge of 1% takes 45 seconds? You definately got me interested in it too now.

  • I tested the 45 second theory by stop watch. Charges 1% in approx 45-55 seconds when battery is less than 70%, after 70% it charges slow which is 1% in 1.5m. Also if you dont know why it happened then please dont give unwanted explainations. Again i am not complaining, read my post carefully before replying with your comments. I just asked if this is normal or should i take a visit to service center. I wanted an expert advice on this and after reading your comments regarding this topic, i can say you're clearly not an expert. Also before you tell me to just visit service center, i cannot visit service center every other day so i want to know if this is a problem of concern or just normal which you didn't answer. You were annoying me on my previous post and here you are again with explainations that has nothing to do with my post. Just stop it mate, go study the topic and then try to help others.

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    You wanted an explanation, I gave it to you.

    The thing is, you don't need to be an expert. It's basic science. You were talking about batteries - Google is your best friend.

    The only thing I said is I don't understand "why your device went instantly to 3%".

    I did give you an answer: "The 3% is not worrying at all considering it's hyper-charged.

    At the end of day, it's a forum - it's up for discussions, hence it's a forum. It's a two way communication unfortunately.

    (Don't know why you was annoyed, I wasn't even trying to. It's a forum, but you get the idea, yeah?)

    // EDIT - Never claimed I was an expert.

  • Okay? I just said your explaination had nothing to do with my post. Secondly i am not being an expert, i am asking for expert's opinion on this. Third, hyper charge normally takes 45 seconds to charge 1% and charging 3% as soon as i plugged in my charger is strange. Well you keep reminding me this is a forum which is related to a phone that i bought, why the heck will i search google for this issue if i can just ask smart people here. Now at last, you're asking me why i am annoyed? Just stay out of my post and i wont be annoyed. This is a forum but the thing is i just can't bare you anymore.

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    The thing is Akash, you're timing your own device. If you're actually reading, it depends on factors and these factors I have already mentioned in my previous posts.

    Just for you Akash, I am not even trying to annoy you. There is nothing to worry about about that 3% you're getting instantly?

    It's my nature to respond to posts 😀

  • I appreciate your reply on this and clearing things but your posts didn't help me figure the real thing out. I never saw any device charge this fast in the matter of milli seconds. Thats why i raise a post regarding this so i know how and why this happened. I was looking for a reply which stated the reason or estimate how this happens.This has Never happened before with my phone. You said its normal but you never gave proper explaination or estimate why it happened. Anyways moving on, battery is normal so far, so all good i guess.

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    Totally unrelated post, but I want to say, nice one Akash and it's a good thing you're not getting the issue regularly.

  • Ok bro...i did read ur first post.... And it's battery nature to charge fast to first 60-70% ... As u will see many fast charging techniques in first half hour they charge 50 60 percent and take 1 hour to full charge me.. And in my personal opinion pls don't get too obsessive about battery and charging... It varies by voltage too.. And battery backup also varies due to different apps running in different sessions.... After 90 percent battery chargers way too slow compared to initial 50 percent.. And for ur concern and satisfaction u can try battery calibration... Again many thinks it's useful and many people thinks it doesn't... So it depends on person to person...

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    I believe it is still the case, Battery Calibration requires Root.

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    It might be because battery charges exponentially... The thing that might happened here in your case might be that your device just drop from 56% to 55% (maybe just a few seconds before you put your device to charging) and since the device charges way faster than discharging and given that you are using hypercharge, it just in a second or two jumped back to 56% and it's normal to charge 1% or 2% in just under a minute or so. If it's charged above say 85-90%, it will take more than a minute or two just to charge 1%...

  • Now this comment actually make some sense, i guess thats the case, my battery just dropped a few percentage and i plugged in my charger and experienced this phenomenon. Thanks for the answer.

  • Can I know what is the estimated battery capacity it is showing in battery health?

  • It just measures the current your charger is providing to charge your mobile, it just measures how much charge your mobile can take while plugged in. In my case i have 3 chargers, 2 hyper chargers (one new and one old) and one normal 18 watt charger came with box. I tried with the 18 watt charger and i got 4300 mah but when i charged with my old hyper charger it showed 5100+ and when i tried with my new hyper charger it showed 5700 estimated. Both hyper charger has different reading and i think its because one is old and one is new so i think it also depends how old the charger is. Its all that i have observed.

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