Games (PUBG) getting force stop during Bluetooth connection.

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I am on a WW_17.0240.2004.9_0 on rog phone 2 and i am facing an issue with games since i have updated my phone to A10.

If i am playing pubg right now and try to connect Bluetooth then once i get connected game closed immediately and then i have to start it manually by my own even some time while i was playing games and during the time period if the Bluetooth battery dies then it gets stop and i have to star from the first place.

With the games like pubg if it get forced stop and after connection we start it again then we will get back in the same position but some time it also happens at a bad point and other game we can't even continue we have start the whole new stage after a force stop of the game.

Please help me asap and thank you in advanace.


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    What happens if you start bluetooth and make sure you have connection first and then go to PUBG?

    Also, do the following:

    • Settings - Battery - Detect Battery Draining Apps - Ensure Detect and Stop is not checked;
    • Settings - Battery - Battery Optimization - ensure PUBG is not set as optimize. (It should not be optimized)
    • Settings - Battery - Power Master - Battery-Saving Options - Ensure Clean Up in Suspend is not checked
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    Thank you for replying..

    Whenever i connect my bluetooth first and then start playing pubg then there should not be a problem but then suppose my bluetooth battery dies and it get turn off along with the disconnection pubg stops working. it just happen while you are playing game and meanwhile try to connect or disconnect to the bluetooth and this also happen with each of my devices apple airpods, jabra elite 65t and also few of my friends which i tried to check. there is no problem in pubg settings also i have checked those steps what you have suggested to me.

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    I don't have other suggestions to this, but I assume you don't have developer's options on.

    Does it happen to other apps/games too? If only PUBG, can you reinstall PUBG if you haven't done so already?

  • @xjems74 Try clearing the storage and cache of PUBGM (Long-press app icon -> App info -> Storage & cache)

    Also go to Settings -> System -> Reset options -> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

    Make sure that you have the latest version of PUBG as well.

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    My developer option was enabled but i just tried it after disabling it but its still the same and the problem is just with pubg.

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    Just tried first clearing game data and resetting Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth but i was facing the same problem after that i reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth again then clear game data and uninstall PubG as well after that i downloaded PubG from the play store and open it up i was quite excited to connect my BT device but then again there was a disappointment, It's get closed as soon as my airpods get connected to it.

    Do you think that there is a problem with my device and if there is do i need to consult technical team cause i am using this since last 6 months and there is no other problems even this is not a big problem but it's a gaming phone and i am paying for getting a device which is made for playing games like pubg if there is a problem with the device i believe Asus should be aware about it that they could figure out the problem with all other device who were having the same issues.

  • @xjems74 If you're able to backup your personal data I would recommend a full factory reset of your device. If that doesn't solve your issue you can visit a local service center and let them take a look.

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    i'll try and asap and i'll let you guys know about that as well.

    thank you for all your support.

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    Hey guys just wanted to inform you that i was ready to restore my phone on a sunday but yesterday i get an update of 17.0240.2007.27 in whith they mentioned that they have fixed some issues with Bluetooth and after that i noticed that my problem is gone. I can now connect or discount during pubg and all the other issues were fixed in it.

    Still thank you guys for your support.

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