ROG : List of Problems

SourabhSourabh Level 1
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New ROG 3 is on the way ..but what about its problems, Asus yet to provide solutions.

1. Battery draining since Android 10 update..!!!

2. Selfie Camera affected after new ...2004.9 update.

3. Refresh rate behaves like 60hz when battery drops to 15%

4. Fps in gaming gets heavily affected after battery reaches 3% ( I know I should charge my phone , but still its down side)


  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5
    1. I think many people have said draining batteries is a problem. But it will be interested to know applications were you running (you can check the battery and apps usage), what apps do you have on start up and what framerate. At the highest framerate, it will definately drain your battery. How long have you been using the phone and what is your view on draining battery? From what percentage to how much level after how many hours of play time.
    2. You might need to elaborate on the camera issue?
    3. I haven't witnessed this issue myself, but when it drops to 15% and restart whatever you're doing (like playing a game), does it make it better?
    4. Same as 3 I guess.
  • SourabhSourabh Level 1

    1. I am using same apps on 90hz refresh rate which i used to on Android 9. I used to get 8 to 9 SOT till it drops to 10% . Now i am getting consistently between 6 to 7 SOT.

    2. Blurry n noisy images in low light ot indoor lights as campared to earlier performance.

    3 &4 . I am facing this issue and also refresh rate drops when i enter settings app. And again gets normal when return to home screen.

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