Wifi shows no internet

PowerCatPowerCat Level 1
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After connected to wifi for a while the phone starts showing that the wifi is connect but with no internet. It's the problem with my internet connections I have checked in other phones and pc and it is working fine.

The only way to solve is by reconnecting to my wifi.


  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    When you say you connect to WIFI, does this happen when you switch off your phone then connect to WIFI?

    Just as a thought, when you have no connection, do you see IP address associated to it? Go to Settings -- WIFI -- Click on the WIFI name and see if an IP Address is defined.

    At first thought, it sounds like your connection is switching between WIFI and Data constantly because on WIFI, you will be looking for an IP address.

  • My data is always off and only connected to wifi.

    As for the ip address I need to look at it next time when it occurs.

  • Hey let us know if its fixed.

    Probably something to do with router side also.

  • rxm0625rxm0625 Level 1

    I connect to WIFI and I don't get any error like no internet but still I am not able use the internet. Every application just loads but doesn't connect even youtube loads a lot, at the end doesn't stop till found.

    I am on Android 10.

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