Need clarification on the behaviour of data connection while calling

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I noticed this recently that when I'm calling from my second sim, the data gets disabled in the 1st sim while on call..

I believe this phone has dual standby and data connection shouldn't cut out when using the call function on second sim.

Can you please clarify if this is the regular behaviour?

Thank you..

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  • Hi anirudh151,

    The issue that you are reporting is quite normal. It happens when your secondary provider doesn't support VoLTE. The phone switches to 2G/3G when you are making the call and hence you are not able to access the data when calling.

    As I see you are using Jio that supports VoLTE and BSNL that only supports 2G or 3G(depending on your area). In this case the network will shift to 2G or 3G and hence the data from primary sim cannot be used because Jio doesn't have 2G or 3G network.

    One possible solution can be to use Jio sim on both slots(if you can) or use the same primary sim if you want to call and use data simultaneously.(You can google CSFB for more info)



  • Hello preet

    I switched sims to Jio and airtel, both of which support 4g and volte.. even then, when I call from 2nd sim(in this case airtel) the data cuts out from Jio..

    That's why I had the doubt.. if it's the regular behaviour..

    Thank you..

  • Hi anirudh,

    I also use airtel as my secondary sim. I assure you it is normal behaviour and not an issue. Airtel has launched VoLTE at some areas in India but there are a lot of complaints regarding the same. Apparently you have to contact the customer care to enable the same from their end. You can turn on the last option from the screenshot you shared to use data during call but it will cost you since you are using data from the second sim.

    Rest assured, this is a normal behaviour and is an issue from the service provider end (Operators other than Jio) and not an issue with the phone.



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