No mobile data during calls

I just found out that there is no mobile data connection while I call someone. So I can't use WhatsApp or Google Maps during a phone call.

Is that a ZenPhone specific setting? Where can I change it.

I have two simcards, one (SIM2) for mobile data only, the other (SIM1) for calls only. Both with 3G and 4G

Thanks 4 help!



  • VS-KRVS-KR Level 3

    This is normal and every phone does it. It depends of your mobile network and its capability to make call on the same frequency than mobile data etc.

    To avoid that you can use Wifi or enable VOLTE if possible !

  • MrHornetMrHornet Level 2

    I think you are going following.

    Data carrier: Sim 1

    Call carrier: Sim 2

    When you are on call via sim 2. You are not getting data.

    This is correct behavior with phones Dual Sim StandBy . When one sim in action other can't be used.

    When someone will call you on sim 1 , it behaves like out of coverage area.

    If you want call + data at same time, use same sim for both call and data.

    Ex: Data carrier / Call carrier: Sim 1

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