No mobile data during calls

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I just found out that there is no mobile data connection while I call someone. So I can't use WhatsApp or Google Maps during a phone call.

Is that a ZenPhone specific setting? Where can I change it.

I have two simcards, one (SIM2) for mobile data only, the other (SIM1) for calls only. Both with 3G and 4G

Thanks 4 help!


  • I think you are going following.

    Data carrier: Sim 1

    Call carrier: Sim 2

    When you are on call via sim 2. You are not getting data.

    This is correct behavior with phones Dual Sim StandBy . When one sim in action other can't be used.

    When someone will call you on sim 1 , it behaves like out of coverage area.

    If you want call + data at same time, use same sim for both call and data.

    Ex: Data carrier / Call carrier: Sim 1

  • I can't browse during on phone call, data disconnected while on phone voice call , I make change settings many time even though it will not resolved

  • Your Network Carrier must have VoLTE enabled to your device and ofcourse it should be 4G

  • Enable 4G data instead of 3G data..

  • Hi, I'm using airtal network. I will get data while in call and if I use different network I don't get internet. So it depends on the type of network you are using.

    So port your network to airtal if you want data while in call

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