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Speaker sound are too low after the update

Now My note 10+ sound louder then rog 2

Someone help


  • After last android 10 beta update my phone sound gone very poor update provide by asus

  • I agree with you as well , after the May update specially the speaker sound is too low , I cnt even compare it with the sound I used to get when I got this phone . The speaker sound issue has not yet been resolved in the latest update that was on 11th of June . Please look into this matter @Anders_ASUS

  • After A10, sound output is quite low.

    Sadly no fixes yet. I remember on A9 it was like a boombox. Now I have to keep speakers at 70-80% all time to at least hear music or videos.

  • Yes I too was facing the same issue.. Bottom speaker sound is very low after the update

  • Yes u guys are right before may keeping volume half was enough to hear crisp sounds but after the update I have to keep the volume at 75% which was earlier equavalent to 50%. Anders_ASUS any thoughts ??

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    I am currently on the latest update of A10 and I don't hear the difference from A9 and A10.

    • Is Smart Volume on? Turn it off and see if it makes a difference.
    • If you go to AudioWizard and run the demo, is it the same issue?
    • Adjust the settings on AudioWizard, do you get the same issue?
    • When your phone rings, is it the same issue?

  • Ringing isent the issue and there are no problems in audio wizard and smart volume was disabled. But after the May update there was slight reduction in sound production and I didn't complain as it didn't irritate me much as the full volume is loud enough . But seeing people complain about it . I also wanted to tell that the there is really difference in volume from past to now .

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    Are you on the latest firmware version because reading the above, everyone seem to have the issue post May update? The last update was on 11th June.

    You're saying ringing isn't the issue too, so I think it would help moderators to know what are apps you're running that's having this issue?

    It will also be hard to compare sounds from previous version unless there's some sort of video too which may help.

  • I'm also facing same issue after the update button speaker sound got low compare to top speaker

  • Please visit nearest service center if it is the case... It might be some problem with speaker unit or some loose wire connection inside...

    Before visiting please call service center to confirm there timings...

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