We need Android 10

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We need Android 10 to be released for ROG Phone 1.

The current latest firmware is full of bugs and many applications now need a minimum requirement of Android 10 for certain enhancements and features to work.

It is a shame that Asus is failing with the flagship phone. I request everyone to post as much as possible about the humiliation and the way we have been treated with this phone on all online forums. I can't wait for ROG Phone 3 review videos on YouTube so that I can smash all the sponsered reviewers giving fake reviews about the phone.

If the moderators of this page are watching this. We need an update and tell your lazy developers to live up to the expectation.

Last but not the least, your Asus India head, Dinesh Sharma is a liar who never keeps up his promises. Watch what he promised on the launch of Asus ROG Phone 1 and you'll know.


  • Hi there, we have made a note of the feedback and will share it with the relevant team.

  • robdevilXIrobdevilXI Level 1

    Haha. They can't catch up with security updates and you want Android 10? Change phone brand if you want updates.

  • AveranAveran Level 3

    Um which app exactly needs android 10 as a limitation to work?

  • Am careful with my words. I never said the word limitation. I said certain features and enhancements.

  • AveranAveran Level 3

    ROG phone 1 is on zen ui 6 right now right?

    Zen ui 6 incorporates almost all a10 features (dark mode, inbuilt screen recorder and for extra customisation you have themes)

    Plus almost all asus first party apps would've been updated to the latest with zen ui 6 (like the gallery, calculator app etc)

    The only thing you really would be missing on the would be android 10 gestures leaving that not much

    I'm currently on zenfone 5z (2018) running a10 based on zen ui 6 (may security patch)

    Gotta say that zen ui 6 is pretty slick and snappy with almost no bloatware

    You guys even have the latest armory crate for extra customisation smh

  • Again, am not complaining about Zen UI which is pretty okay. Am talking about certain things which are provided only with Android 10. Privacy controls, location controls, Dark Mode support for more apps and more features which are important and appealing. Why do you think we do not deserve an update or why are you defending Asus? This is a flagship phone and it should have updates pushed just like other manufacturers. We have paid more than other phones and we deserve the best to be available. If you are happy with what you have, so be it. There are many who aren't happy and requesting for an update.

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