Root to recover data?

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I just did a hard-reset on my ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 and lost all data as I didn't have any backups. Tried a few recovery tools but they only work properly if my phone is rooted.

Should I root my device and if so a safe procedure to root my phone would be great.



  • Hi, you will not get updates via OTA if you unlock the bootloader, It's better if you keep your bootloader locked, your warranty will be void as soon as you unlock the bootloader. It does not necessarily mean that you are rooted, the bootloader can be unlocked without rooting but the processes go side by side. You will not get any benefit if you unlock bootloader and do not root.

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    It's not possible to recover your data (Internal Storage) after Hard reset unless you have a manual backup.

    It may still work, hope so with those recovery tools you mentioned. No experience with them.

    However, to avoid data loss in future you can create monthly or quarterly backup (I do it personally) in TWRP Recovery with TWRP Helper Magisk Module (After Unlocking Bootloader)

    If you follow the unofficial procedure you can retain your warranty, just follow some guides over the web.

    YouTube manuals and xda I recommend. Search for the relevant topics and your good to go.

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