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Very low call volume in asus zenfone max pro m2 since updated to android 9


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    We all suffer from it. Low earpiece volume as well as caller at the other end can't even hear clearly until you say something near the bottom mic. This phone is a headache now.

  • Hi there, you may click on the following link to download the latest update manually, request you to read the instructions before upgrading and take a full backup of the device before. Click here: https://www.asus.com/in/Phone/Zenfone-Max-Pro-M2-ZB630KL/HelpDesk_BIOS/

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    Same problem. Very basic function of calling itself is a problem as mentioned by many others.if not rectified in a week's time I'm going back to Samsung.

  • Today i have updated my asus max pro m2 with Android 10 beta version. After this sound is very low. Even if i use speaker mode my mobile have very low volume. It was fine before i upgrade to Android 10

  • This is the recent build updated


  • It's definitely a software issue ,as some one said that it may be because of dust or some thing from our end.

    In Pixel experience ROM and in stock mod ROM, the ear piece volume is good .

    Now I am attending interview calls in my max pro.m2 with clear voice and with out asking opposite person to repeat words. STOCK ASUS Rom killed many of my interview sessions.

  • When we got the circular to go for work from home, at the beginning days, I attended 2-3 calls normal way and I had to face low volume issue as well as the concerned person at the other end repeatedly asked me to say things a bit clear. That was embarrassing and after that, I decided to attend all calls using earphones..

    Yeah someone mentioned once in Zentalk that he successfully resolved this issue by following some steps to clean and ckear the earpiece speaker. But that was not the case during Oreo 8 1, it was never this much low in Oreo, and even the 1st few updates in Pie also didn't bring the issue but now its horrible. Without headphone, I don't attend any calls which are important.

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    Please let me know in which rom this issue ( low earpiece volume) is not exist. I will definitely gonna flash that rom. Max Pro M2 is a complete headache.

    Behenchod ye earphone ka last 6 mahine se dimag kharap karke rakha hai.

    Asus care ek bar gaya tha...tab warranty bhi tha..bola ki earpiece ko badal do..lekin wo sirf dhul saaf krke de diya.. ab warranty khatam..stock android ke chakkar mein chud gaya behenchod..Nokia ki samasung le leta...kuch ho na ho..ye earphone ka issue to nhn hota

  • You can use Pixel Experience ROM.

    There are other ROM too like




    etc. Just check in XDA developer forum. If you need similar UI like ASUS stock Rom then try for Stock Mod.

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    Inspite of many people complaining about the low call volume on ear piece..why Asus is sleeping on it ?

    Is Asus working on this issue or Asus want us to dump and move to a better brand ?

  • I am on the latest update .092 and starts facing low audio during voice call..

  • I have the same problem. ASUS we need Help

  • Low sound ear speaker after update

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    Please someone give any type of solution in details. The on call mic volume killing me. I have to put the earphone mic fully on my lip for the other person to hear me!

    I used app from play store to check and I guessed it right, while mic mode was on 'Direct' and I recorded from usual earohone mic distance, then the sound was, well, dirrect and clear. But when I recorded in the same condition in the mode 'Communication', then I barely can hear me. Now after this test, I am sure the problem is in the feature 'microphone noice cancellation' for calls only. So as I identified the issue, is it impossible to fix? Can I totally disable the function 'noice cancellation' on my device? Please help. I am in desperate need of a fix during this covid pandemic as many many important meetings are happening online.

    Mic is loud enough on the phone call app though!!!

    But very low on any online call like messenger call / whatsapp call / discord call / google meet call / zoom call. But if I record on messenger or whatsapp, it sounds alright. I repeat, recorded general sound is OKAY but not when on call. Tested same earphone on same apps from an old samsung phone too. No problem found there at all! Sounded clear while using samsung during messenger call / whatsapp call / discord call / google meet call / zoom call. So don’t say it's mic's fault. It isn’t. It is software handling problem as far as I can understand. Please show me a way fast.

  • Same case here. The mic volume is very low when using Messenger voice call. But the volume is okay when using the native phone call app. It's frustating

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