Asus zenfone max pro m1 (after android 10 update)

1. My phone ringtone is too low compared to android 9

2.speaker quality become worst

3. Pubg graphic get low


  • And no showing any live wallpaper and charging problem and over heating phone issue

  • Hi gowthamkrish778,

    1. My phone ringtone is too low compared to android 9

    This issue is under investigation.

    We will notify you once we receive any update on this issue.

    2.speaker quality become worst

    3. Pubg graphic get low

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    These issues are expected to be improved through a future firmware update.

    We will notify you once it is released.

  • Hi ysdeshmane,

    Is your phone ZB601KL or ZB630KL? 

    Please provide your firmware version: Settings > About phone > Build number.

    charging problem:

    We would like to understand whether you're using the ASUS original charger. We suggest that you try with new cables and check again. 

    Please also note that "fast charging/charging rapidly" appears after a few minutes when you plug in your charger. Please make sure to check your lock screen after a few minutes.

    Furthermore, there are some scenarios that may affect the fast charging status: 

    A.   If the system is under high resource usage (high temp) or the battery level is over 85%, the device will trigger a protection mechanism, which lowers the charging current.

    B.   Check if there is some object or stain in the charging port. We recommend to use a soft brush to clean the charging port.

    C.      We recommend to test charging in safe mode. How to enter safe mode:

    If in safe mode, the problem is not observed, the system performance may be affected by 3rd apps. We recommend to factory reset the system. 

    If the charging status is still unstable in safe mode, we recommend to go to repair center for further checking. 

    If the problem still appears, please tell us at which battery levels does fast charging not work.

    over heating phone issue:

    About overheat when gaming, and device heating issue in regular use, we suggest that you avoid running apps that may use much memory for a long time, for example, 3D games and video.

    Also, it's recommended that do not use your phone/tablet while it is charging.

    Please also try removing the background apps in recent app list, and check again.

    Please also check if this behavior appears in safe mode: How to Enter and Exit Safe Mode on Android phone ? | Official Support | ASUS Global

    For more information on improving the overheating behavior:

    If the problem still appears, please tell us

    • Which zone is heating up (back/upper/middle/lower)
    • The app/ app version you're using
    • Were you using the app and charging at the same time? Or only charging? Only using the app?
    • How much is the ambient temperature when this appears
    • About how much is the temperature of the phone
  • Hi gowthamkrish778,

    An updated Android 10 version WW-17.2017.2006.429 has been released.

    Improve items:

    1. Sound volume and quality

    2. PUBG HD and High Frame Rate

    For the complete release note, please check:

    You may manually download from our website in the link above.

    Thank you and have a nice weekend 🙂

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