Asus zenfone max Pro m1 .063 update Extreme battery draining problem.

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Hello Asus,

I have been facing extreme battery draining problem since I updated to the latest version .063. This update has ruined my mobile experience. I m getting 1 hour of screen on time and that is perhatic. Mobile is also heating a lot. Average temperature of my mobile remains around 43°C. It feels apps are battling to each other inside the mobile all the time. Even if I don't use my fully charged mobile for 7hours (during sleep), my battery goes to zero.

Charging time has also pethatically increased. It takes forever to charge if I keep my internet on during charging. Buttttt when I turn off the internet connection, mobile gets fully charged in approx 90 minutes only. And if I use my mobile during charging (while keeping data on) , charging percentage decreases instead of increasing.

Everything is fine except this issue. I love this phone, it used to be really great in terms of battery performance. Please fix this problem in next update or I'll have to sell my mobile.

Note: last 2 updates (.061 and .063) ruined the experience. And battery was working superfine in previous versions prior to .061.



  • Please follow below steps may improve battery backup: 

    1. Enable “Power saver” (Settings > Power management)

    2. Close apps that are not used (Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, etc.)

    3. Adjust sleep time and brightness (Settings > Display)

    4. Boost memory when you see memory consumption is high with no app running,

    5. check for background running applications, stop/disable unwanted apps, you can manage apps from auto-start manager. 

    Recalibrate battery

    To recalibrate battery, charge your phone to 100% without interruption.

    then discharge it normally till 0%(phone gets switched off).

    charge it to 100% in switched off condition and keep it in that state for a little more time.

    now switch on your phone in charged condition and unplug when ASUS logo appears.

    keep the phone unused for 5 mins.

    you will get far better battery life as the battery stats.bin file will be updated.

  • priyopriyo Level 1

    I'm also facing these issues after the last two updates. When these will be resolved. Kindly make it asap

  • Same problem as mentioned by others is faced by me also. Even in switch off condition also battery is draining fastly. Plz provide a permanent solution for this problem. SOT is decreasing day by day due to this problem. Plz consider all our issuea asap.

  • nyagranyagra Level 1

    This isn't useful. I have tried this multiple times. But still battery drains without any usage or even in idle state.

  • I also tried everything but nothing happened so I exchanged the phone on flipkart and bought Vivo Z1x 8gb 128gb version. Asus made me hopeless. I m pretty happy with my decision now. And I learnt one thing from Asus, never update your phone unnecessarily if it is already working fine. Sometimes update ruins your phone. I also didn't update my Vivoz1x till now because it is working pretty fine 😉😁.

  • how to boost memory

    and where i will find auto start manager in stock rom

  • is the idle battery drain issue still there?

    even i am facing this issue it so annoying just cant leave my phone idle...

    ASUS engineers are in deep sleep

  • AJ1AJ1 Level 3

    same issue, tried the above things but still persisting the battery drainage issue.

  • man asus team sucks, like i cant even keep my phone idle for even 5 mins.

    slowly it is getting worse....

  • Probably it's time to change the phone now.. I changed mine. That update ruined my phone and I had to change it.

  • more than a month since this thread is active

    where is asus team, no reply from their side...

    i guess asus india is shut down...

  • guys, will a custom rom help me with the problem ?

    i dont think these asus engineers are good enough to maintain a software...

  • You can try it, if it works keep it and if it doesn't work, just sell the mobile..

  • Quite true, and it is also certain that I'll never buy Asus phone again in my life.

  • even after the new update problem persists.

    asus developers simply quit this field you guys suck !

    #asus #asusindia #worst #neverbuyagain

  • DheenaDheena Level 1

    And heating issues too, 0.61 update is awesome after updates heating issues came and i never experienced before, during charging also its heating

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