Which one is recommended for beginner audio producing? Asus Zenbook Duo or Asus Zenbook Pro Duo?

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Hi guys, i'm a beginner on audio producing since for last few months. Some of my friends told me to get an Asus Zenbook Pro Duo which is way too much pricey for me, but i was also thinking is it worth it to spend a lot of money on Pro Duo? Or i just go straight on to Zenbook Duo with i7 configuration?

Until now my laptop for audio producing and mixing is Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51 with upgraded 16 Gigs Ram, 2TB of SSD, and GTX 1050 (i'm pretty sure graphic card won't affect a lot on audio producing, but yeah it still manageable for some light gaming)


  • If you trying to use specialized audio software to work with audio project means , then go to the software website check the recommened hardware requirements to use particular software. And then decide your self for buying laptop

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    I'm using the Pro Duo with Ableton Live and I'm very happy with it but for beginners I really doubt you'll need that much processing power.

    Better to go for the 14" Duo instead for longer battery life (I can only get 4-5 hrs out of my Pro Duo at best even after optimizations) and lighter weight for portability.

    Don't worry about the main screen of the 14" Duo not being touch capable. What you'd really want to work on using touch is mainly the 2nd screen.

    Also, the Pro Duo right out of the box has some issues with external USB audio interfaces that needs to be rectified. It is not an issue specific to the Pro Duo nor ASUS but rather something to do with high end 8th gen and later Intel processors.

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