Fast Charging stopped working

knoxxsknoxxs Level 1
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

When I put the phone on charging previously it used to say Fast Charging and it used to charge very fast. Not mostly it only says charging and takes too much time to charge. Though some times (like once in 3-4 days) it still says Fast Charging.


  • knoxxsknoxxs Level 1

    Hi guys any reply on this?

  • Try to change ur charging cable and then check if fast charging works

    If not than take ur charger n cable to a nearest service centre for check with ur device by taking all data backup

    In case 2- if lock screen shows fast charging and takes 3-4 days to get charged than please try to factory data reset by taking all ur data backup

    To factory data reset steps-

    Settings>system>reset options>erase all data


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