Screen Transition Delay - After Upgrade to 17.0230.2002.32

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After the update through fota i notice that during screen transition there is some delay that did not happen on previous firmware. The screen refresh rate is the same 60 hz.

I tried screen recording while playing and it was smooth on previous firmware. Now it's stuttering when screen record during gameplay. This is the video.


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    I have your same problem. At the moment I'm using 120 hz refresh screen to avoid the problem. If you try to restart your phone, the problem shows up after 10-12 hours. Any solution? @Anders_ASUS

  • Same here, guys. Been trying clearing cache few times already, not working. Only 90 and 120Hz clears stuttering effect during transitions. Maybe factory reset would work but Im not ready to do so..

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    I tryed with an hard reset, but the problem isn't resolved.

    Moderators give us an answer, thanks...

  • That doesnt sound good Stefano93, cause I was helping factory reset would be a solution to this really annoying issue. Please devs, help needed 😳

  • Have you changed anything in developer options by any chance? If yes, turn off dev options and see if that solves your issue. If it's already turned off, give me a mention.

  • I'mtoo facing this problem after the recent update , also I assume that this occurred on 60 hz but even after using 90 hz the problem still exist with various apps. Looking forward to get this issue resolved as soon as possible it sometimes ruin the whole experience .

  • Hello Gustav, thanks for your input. Yes, Ive been using developers options since day 1 with this handheld (transition effects reduced to 0.5) and yes I had have this option turn off completely but with no effect.

  • Ok, this is strange. I decided to turn on dev options once again and changed all 3 transition and animation options to .5x (like I did before) and it looks like this stattering effect improves, back to 1x and stattering is back.

  • Guys, I don't know about you but in my case upgrading to latest patch didn't solve the problem. Still stattering as hell. Hey devs, some suggestions please?

  • Ok, little update. Cause devs dont find time to be of assistance here, I decided to execute a factory reset, no backup, pure reset. After this I installed my usual apps from scratch. One thing I changed is no enabling developer options. In my surprise phone back to fast and crisp response yeah... Till next charge and now stattering and lagging during transitions is back, slowly incrising. Were talking 60Hz here. When I change to 90 or 120 it helps a little, but still not even close to what performance looks after... Simple restart. One again, help please because this issue is rendering my phone simply useless.

  • Guys, I really need help here. This stattering becomes a huge pain in the arse. Should I rma or what?

  • Sorry for the late reply,

    Sounds strange that a factory reset helped for a while. I can send you instructions in a PM on how to log your device if you'd like.

  • Thanks Gustav, ready when you are.

  • Gustav, could you please send me PM ones more cause I have accidently deleted our conversation, sorry.

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