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Since the day i purchased rog phone 2 one of the major problem which is persistent till now is stabilization issue in video.. literally the video lags a lot and there seems to be no thing like 60fps no smoothness at all as shown in youtube video regarding rog 2 stabilization..i was oneplus user before and i regret in this department regarding video stabilization..oneplus stabilization was amazing and buttery smooth. Can anyone guide me for this. Would be a great help


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    Stabilization is only digital, not optical. It's the limitation of the hardware, the same as digital Vs optical zoom.

    You cannot blaim Asus because in the promotional material it's clearly mentioned phone has only digital zoom and stabilization.

    What I use is dji Osmo 3 3-axis stabilizer. It's night and day to any phone's built in stabilization. Also zooming in is smooth. Also older and cheaper versions Osmo 1 and 2 are equally functional. It's also leveling the frame so I use it for photos as well.

  • Have you recorded this with our camera app or with a 3rd party app? The sample video you posted also seems to be recorded in 4K/30FPS. Could you please double check your settings and provide another video filmed in 60FPS?


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