can't use audio jack when connecting both fan + gamepad via bumper

WaitingKyWaitingKy Level 2
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

this is a very old problem but i've never seen asus talk about it, or fix it even after the latest update


just connect the kunai gamepad via the bumper and the fan to your phone. now you can't plug your headphone to the audio jack on the phone because it is blocked, so that's why we need to use the audio jack on the fan (i think this is the main purpose of this jack) but it doesn't work (LOL). the audio jack on the fan will work again if you remove the main joycon (the left one) from the bumper (LMAO). so tell me, why does asus put this jack on the fan but doesn't let us use it when we need it most?


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