FX505DY incompatible with XMP RAM?

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  1. System: Windows 10 and linux x64
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: Tuf FX505DY
  4. Frequency of occurrence: wildly unstable, can be every 30 minutes or every 2 days
  5. Reset OS: Have reinstalled both multiple times to no avail


Detailed description:

I bought a stick of 8GB DDR4-2666 RAM in order to upgrade my laptop. Immediately began to show stability issues. The computer hard resets to bios (and does so immediately, neither linux nor windows manage to generate any logs or memory dumps). Tried the new stick alone and the problem persists.

Memtest showed no problems on the stick.

The only difference of the new stick is that it is XMP.

This is not an OS problem but a BIOS one, please look into it. (running latest BIOS version, 315)


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