New Bugs, Wrong / Un-fixed Changelog and performance drop after 18 APR UPDATE

ImShreyImShrey Level 3
edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

So to sum up there are 4* bugs:

1) Developer settings force close while using bluetooth audio device

2) air triggers still triggering squeeze gestures in game

3 noticable 20-50% frame drop when charger connected, back to normal instantly after removing charge (thermal management)

4)* using single sim, Airtel, there is no voWIFI option in settings. Although nothing mentioned about voice over wifi in Changelog, yet some people are getting the option. Not the case for me, more documentation needed, like

is feature enabled fully?

Does it support all carriers or select one? List?

@Anders_ASUS I have PMed you the details regarding the all bugs, please report these and provide status of your investigation, and were you able to reproduce it?.

All Other ROG2 users like me, please like or comment if you are facing the issue.


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