Question about Zenfone 5Z vs Zenfone 6 AUDIO

aashnaaashna Level 1
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I've owned the Zenfone 5Z for a while now, and although the phone altogether is fantastic, a huge issue I've had is audio volume, whether I'm using a wired 3.5mm connection, or Bluetooth. Over Bluetooth it puts nearly half the volume that my Pixel 2 did, or any other phone I've used. Especially frustrating with wireless earbuds.

If anyone has owned a 5Z, experienced this same thing, and has upgraded to a Zenfone 6, or ROG 2, has this been resolved?

The audio quality itself is pretty top notch, and the phones performance is my favorite I've owned, but this is a big enough issue to stop me from spending the money to upgrade to another Asus phone if this hasn't been addressed.

If there's something I can do to fix this on my current phone, please let me know. I've tried to finagle Audio Wizard, and the closest I can get is ramping up all the frequency boosters in the equalizer, but this is still not sufficient.


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