Frame Drops, High Ping, Overheating issues during gaming after A10 update

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Hello Asus,

It has been more than a month that you rolled out Android 10, let me review gaming performance from what was claimed during launch. Before listing i want to mention my Internet connection speed is 250 MBPS and room temp i am using my phone is 24 degree celcius

  1. Asus Claims 4 wifi antenna for better signal reception using algorithms Reality - While playing Pubg the average ping i used to get in Android 9 was about 20 ms and now the average has changed to 100 ms. i checked with my squad mates their ping and they were getting 20 ms on other devices, therefore in A10 they have not optimized their antenna algorithms creating negative impacts on gaming.
  2. Frame Drops and touch sensitivity was one more highlight of the phone Reality - After upgrading the frame drop when enemy is nearby is like your phone screen has frozen you cant see anything moving and end result is you are dead, the 240 hz touch response feels like was it even there?
  3. Asus claimed 3 layers of cooling engine keeps your phone cool during heavy gaming. Reality - Now things have reversed the phone is hot while gaming and you can feel it as your fingers would sweat while playing and they will start slipping from screen.
  4. X- mode - After turning this ON your gaming would suck as the phone becomes a heat source and i feel can prepare omelet if poured eggs over it.

All things considered Asus is not listening to its users and that could be the problem in future, i wonder why i chose this, hats off to your marketing strategy but in long terms its going be problematic. I might have to switch to another device.


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