Notification access - This feature is not available on this device

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Model: ZA550KL
Firmware/App Version: WW_Phone-15.00.1902.102.20190222
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
App Name: Android 8.1.0

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I've got a fitness band () and wanted to pair it up with the phone. Everything went well until I wanted to enable notifications from other apps to appear on a band. Using the `Health` app (for Huawei bands) I came to the `Notification access` screen, but there, instead of seeing a list of apps, I see the text `This feature is not available on this device`. Tried to do all the same on my wife's phone (Xiaomi redmi note 7) - everything works fine without any issues.
Read similar issues on the forum, tried to do the same in a `Save` mode - no luck.

Could you please help me to enable notifications?

Thanks in advance,
Yevhen Tataryn


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