Problem with notification of some applications!

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 4 Series
ZF Model: ZE554KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW_ZE554KL_15.0610.1903.26
Frequency of Occurrence: Ever
Rooted: No
APP Name: ZenUI

Hello everyone, lately I have not received notification of some applications like new emails in Gmail, when some free features are available in some games, bank applications or any other application that I have not entered very often. What could I do? I have already cleared the system cache, restored the ZenUI app, cleaned up application data, put the battery into optimization mode, allowed auto-start, but none of that worked.


  • Hi romulo.daniel.1993,

    We would suggest you update to the latest firmware version WW-15.0610.1905.28, and check if the problem still appears.

    If you cannot receive notifications, we would suggest you do not enable battery optimization on the apps you wish to receive notifications.
    Here are some tests we would like to suggest you try:
    Check if notifications are allowed in app info. (Tap and hold the app on home screen > app info > app notifications)
    Please allow the apps to "auto start" in auto-start manager. (Mobile Manager > PowerMaster > Auto-start manager)
    Check your battery optimization settings, and do not optimize the apps you wish to receive notifications instantly. (Settings > Battery > Battery optimization)
    Check your battery mode, and choose Performance or Normal. (Mobile Manager > PowerMaster > Battery modes)

    If the problem is still appearing, please tell me which apps, app versions, what kind of notifications cannot be received.
    When this problem appears, are the apps cleared in the recent app list or not?
    Check super clean mode. Have you allowed super clean on these apps? (Mobile Manager > Memory Cleaner > Super Clean mode Set up.)

    Thank you :)
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