after the upgrade to oreo

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Location: Catania
Firmware/App Version: WW_15.10.1810.275_20181105
Model: ZE552KL
Description: my phone is ZC520TL ram 3gb rom 32 gb: after the upgrade to WW_15.10.1810.275_20181105 (oreo) i have 4 bugs
1 excessive battery consumption
2 excessive lag of the device random, sometimes it's okay while others slow down i think that is a new oreo 8.1 app but i don't konw
3 very low 4G signal (band 20 and others do not seem to work)
4 volume in whatsapp is very low (partly solved with the new audio equalization function/app)

the first and third problems are important please resolve it.
please if you can not solve the problem. Could you tell me how to downgrade to the previous version?
Frequency of Occurrence: always
Rooted: No
App Name: all, whatsapp

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  • Hi giuseppe77,

    Thanks for your inquiry.
    Do you mean your phone battery consume soon when standby or in use?
    I would suggest you let the battery charge more than 30 minutes even the battery percentage shows 100 then remove the cable before going sleep. Please show me 2 screenshots as below on next morning before you use the phone.

    Some apps that automatically start in the background may occupy memory, cause system lag, and drain battery. Please try to use the mobile manager to helps free more memory, improve system performance, and save power.

    Does this problem appear even you in a different location?
    Could you show me your screenshots as below when you encounter this problem?
    (1.) Signal weak screenshot
    (2.) SIM status screen: settings> system > about phone> status> SIM status

    Could you kindly tell me more about this matter? Do you mean notification volume or else?

    Thank you. :)
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    Attachment not found.Attachment not found.
    for the 3 point :
    putting the same sim card on another device on my desk full in the another device, zero/one line in zenfone 3 max
    before the update they were the same
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    point 2 block in the app
    the phone runs well in almost all applications, it is visibly slower than Android 7 but bearable.
    with oreo the phone hangs exclusively on: telegram and whatsapp. It is planted for a couple of seconds, before the update did not do it, I did not put new apps are the same or rather I took so man.
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    point 1 battery consumption:in use the battery drain much faster than with Android 7
    provided that this device is a zenfone 3 max bought for its battery.
    first with Android 7 the phone lasted almost 2 days on stand-by
    today I do not arrive half a day I can do the two screen shots soon thanks so much for the answer.
    (I would like to go back to android 7)
    Attachment not found.Attachment not found.

    10% of battery in 30 minutes , First with Android 7 battery consumption was much lower this is a max Zenfone made to have a big battery
  • the 4 point the withdrawal the zenfone 3 max has never been the maximum as an audio indeed perhaps with the inclusion of the new function has improved
  • Emilee_ASUS posted on 2019/1/8 07:24
    Hi giuseppe77,

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    I have send all of you have request, thanks in advance
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