change orientation while recording video?

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Hi there! I was recording a video and when i flipped the camera the image was inverted and i was seeing my face inverted too on the screen! Do any of you know how to change the camera setting to show the image thats been reconding with the right orientation?

Thanks in advance!


  • If you attach some screenshot of would be easy to understand your issue

  • i understand the issue, so we take rear video, then when we still in recording, we move the camera ALL THE WAY to the front and there is no fix orientation so our face is inverted upside down.

    i hope asus fix this via software updates since the third party camera get flip camera toolbar which AUTO flip our image upside down when we flip the camera from rear camera to front camera WHILE RECORDING.

  • Yes thats what im asking! Are you sure there is no solution for that? Because i remember me watching a youtube video from a reviewer doing the exact same thing without any invertion at all! l can post that review video here but i dont know if i am allowed to do so by the forums rules...

  • most probably the reviewer can do it because they use third party camera apps.

    I can't find any way to do it from stock camera from zenfone 6 until now.

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    It's like that because you generally record in landscape mode !

  • I highly doubt that because he didit after unboxing the device! Thats why i am so confused...

  • The reviwer didnt though and still the phone showed his face with the right orientation on his screen via the preinstalled camera app! Maybe because the review was10 months back and the phone was running android 9 ? Is that a reasonable assumption?

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    I don't know but with that flip camera, we should have a rotating button to switch between front and rear mode when we record a video ...

  • Yeah that will be great!

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