Would you recommend upgrading to Android 10?

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I just noticed I've received Android 10 OTA update notification. After reading many people are having negative experiences with A10. Now I'm not really sure if I should upgrade. Would you recommend me to upgrade to A10 or not to? Besides, what are the real benefits of A10? Is there anything important A10 can do that my current ROG Phone 2 can't?


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    I would suggest Don't upgrade to a10 just yet. There's not a lot of stuff that's new or makes the experience better than 9. I upgraded to 10, faced so many bugs then downgraded back to 9.

  • OPCOPC Level 4

    I didn't downgrade and will not because of security patches. My A10 is now fine but it took me factory reset the phone and there is still space for polishing. A10 is generally better but unpolished. Iwould wait next update as well.

  • KanuKanu Level 2

    Fair enough. Security patch is important but i had too many problems. It's happening with some devices. Some are working well and some are kinda terrible. Factory reset did help me though

  • Yes upgrade to A10 , notification bugs are fixed and also you get the newer security patches.

    The UI might feel a bit laggy though.

  • Yes upgrade to A10, notification bugs are fixed and you will also get newer security update.

    UI might feel a bit laggy though.

  • Based on my device and experience so far I would definitely say yes. It has been 2 days since upgrading and I am very happy with everything. Buttery smooth UI, better battery management and everything just feels snappier. Be advised though that there are some users that encountered multiple bugs and what not after upgrading. So do it at your own risk.

  • I request you not to update.. it will horrible to use after updation

  • I wonder what beta testing they have been doing for 4 months.

  • You can upgrade. But be ready for fresh installation after that. Most of the people facing issues after upgrading gets resolved on formatting the device.

    Although my upgrade was smooth. There was no wifi,battery, finger print etc issues. Only the issue faced by me was PUBG lag. So I formatted the device and now everything is good

  • There isn't any noticeable difference in Android 10.

    I don't see any wow factor related to Android 10.

    I would say if you have a good battery backup in A9, don't upgrade but if you don't then do update to A10, no harm no foul.

    Many have noticed battery drain in A10, I have been experiencing battery drain from A9 so I upgraded.

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