Mobile Manager bug and apps not being optimized !

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This is the best feature on Asus smartphones and I have been experiencing issues with PowerMaster which doesn't autoswitch nor work manually when the battery drops to 10 or 15%. Please fix the issue. Moreover, I have just discovered that battery optimization is not being used for apps, this is the reason for battery drain, I believe. And scheduled charging also doesn't work.


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    This doesn't work if your phone is plugged.

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    Not to mention that it is not appropriate to discharge the battery so deep, it does not do well to it.

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    Oh.... seems you carry power bank with you and check the battery all the time. Phones are not toy for me, pal.

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    Some of the security and default apps are not optimised by default but it shouldn't be the case with all the apps. The current update doesn't seem to optimise battery at all.

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    I have just discovered that battery optimization is not being used for apps, this is the reason for battery drain, I believe.

    Not optimized applications from your first screenshot are not optimized by default, it's the same on all Android phones, it's essential for their proper functioning. It's totally normal. This shouldn't be the reason for battery drain.

    And scheduled charging also doesn't work.

    If you mean Battery Care, many users here are using it every day without any problem. Thank to it they maintain charging up to only 80%. For example I select Start Time 06:01 and End Time 06:00 to get this behaviour.

  • I know that and hence I have attached another screen shot with all the apps as well as screen shot of scheduled charging.

    You better yet hold your horses before commenting further. You are not helping but making a joke out of yourself! Check the schedule charging screen shot: you will see the feature being on and fast charging at the same time.

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    Seems you have either problem with your eyes or reading comprehension. Can you not see I have attached another screenshot of all apps and brief description underneath it?

    As for scheduled charging (check the screenshot) no device should fast charge at a scheduled period, that is the feature of Schedule charging. Seems you just get paranoid at whatever feedback is written about Asus devices. Buddy chill don't get touchy, you and I are not gonna get a dime from Asus.

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    Sorry but you're not clear and it's difficult to resolve all your batch issues.

    1 Battery optimization

    Whatever Android phone, I don't see any remarkable effect with that

    2 Battery Mode auto-switch

    You did not give us any answer

    3 What is the problem with the badly named "battery care" ?

    Fast charged is always enabled, it's at 80% that the current is regulated until the end time.

    Learn more here :

  • Why do I come across only knuckheads and not official Asus moderator? It's your own comprehension problem not mine. I can't put in more simpler English than this.

    I don't need any of your help. I'll just simply post whatever bugs or glitch is there in the device.

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    The fact is your bug report is not clear. Glad to know that you understand your own words.

    By the way, I don't feel powerful here, I try to help and this how you treat, if you feel hurt everytime we write to you, maybe that's the issue ...

    I'm in the Zenfone universe since 2014 for your information.

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    Whether or not your presence here is since time immemorial, it is not my concern nor I give two shits about it. For your tenure here: you have your own reasons or benefit and no need to flex about it.

    Now coming back to not understanding my query I can't cherry-pick each words and frame sentence for your suiting. Yo.... we are not in some elementary school.

    Besides, I'm more than glad to know why people have been saying stuff about this forum, now I realise it's because of self-styled moderator like you and this person called # _JIS_ .

  • regarding schedule charging, please take a read on this post, it works well on my device.

    and about auto switch, i don't get what you say, did you mean auto switch battery mode at 15% or 10% like this?

    Fortunately it works for my device.

    And about optimization service, yeah i got condition like you PLUS that facebook service can't be optimize.

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    Well kindly refer to the image: does that happen on your device when Schedule Charge is on? In the prior update to this, fast charging would be disabled automatically whenever it gets into Schedule Charge at a specified time. Now, it's doesn't matter whether schedule charging is on; fast charge be still active.

    Moreover, there is issue with Battery modes as well (not while charging), the saving mode doesn't switch mode below 10% of battery leftover.

    Won't be commenting further on this topic now. I'm fed up.

  • VS-KRVS-KR Level 4

    It was always like that ?‍♂️ regarding fast charge.

    Concerning battery mode, what is your default battery mode and what is the one you chose when it's below 10% ?

  • ah now i understand what you meant. Your question wasn't clear for me.

    yeah the fast charging icon still there, it always happened to me, but still it always works for me, the phone dynamicaly adjust the charger rate, so when i woke up it at level as i expected and i unplug it before 100%.

    the saving mode automatically switch when my battery drop, it works well on mine. Try restart your phone.

    last.. lol why? don't be stressful bro, cheers

  • If it was always like that then yours wasnt fucntioning well :) I'm a rookie here but I know how it works. If you don't trust me you better yet ask official moderator.

  • Hahahah.... I don't get stressed at meaningless stuff, it's just that I cant stand over smart people.

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    Sorry about the late reply. I'm finally starting to catch up with all threads.

    It's true that your device may still fast charge with Scheduled charging. It really depends on when you plug it in and what end time you have. Depending on these factors it may slow or fast charge even if battery care is active.

    These users are not trying to be smart or better than you. When you say there's a problem and make it sound like everybody has it, then you can't get angry and frustrated when someone says that the issue is not a real issue or that they haven't experienced it on their device. They simply want to point out that it's not a general issue. This is how forums work.

    I notice in your posts that you're very impulsive. You write as soon as you find something you believe to be wrong and you seem to be in a hurry while writing. I say this because not all of what you write is easy to understand opening up to misunderstandings.

    My recommendation to you and everybody who have made a "discovery", is to always do your research both here in the forum and on google before you post anything. Most times, it's either not a new issue or there'a a reason why things are the way they are. Like in this case with the battery optimization (not a real issue).

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    You wrote what you deem fit to write, I wrote what needs to be written. End of story! I'm impulsive when need be.

    Don't warn me again and again needlessly cuz you already did that in a private message. I don't owe anyone an apology - be it you or Asus CEO.

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