pls any support here can answer me

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hello there i buy asus rog phone 2 with mobile dock

i really buy this phone cuz i'm playing pubg mobile and other game

so i'm care only using keyboard and mouse with pubg mobile

when i use the dock the mouse not moving great , the settings not even great with the game

if someone here did use mobile dock and it's work with him great 100% pls share us what did you done

this phone it's cost a lot and what i'm seeing here no one answer and no to slow to answer in forum , can you pls tell me what i can do with this issue

i have the phone almost 2month now and i can't even play with it

i have 3 keyboard and 2 mouse and i was think all of them didn't support the game , so pls i hope i get some real answer here

if asus made a great phone i hope they also having a great support to fix all the issues cuz this phone is RARE and not a lot of ppl having the same our phone

thx and i really hope to find answer here


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    There are very less users who use dual shock . It would be best if u mention mods

  • Could be that you expect it to work just as well as when playing PUBG on a PC and the other guy didn't have any expectations at all. Maybe you move in a different way compared to the other guy and your game style reveal the limitations with translating hardware control to touch input.

    But it could also be that you have an actual real issue like some bug. Best way for you to show me is with a screen recording.

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