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i bought My Asus Rog Phone II just a week ago and this is a 6000 mah battery. im not playing games, my screen brightness is low, im not using my Asus Flash light or anything and still its battery capacity is low it wont last a day.

see here this is a screenshot i took just not now its 11.28am here it was full charge 15mins ago or so now its showing i will last only till evening 3:30pm which is 4hrs?

my phone got updated 1hrs ago. i dont know whats going on and my refresh rate is 60 and still battery capacity this low?

isnt it a 6000mah battery as per my setting it should atleast last 1and half or two days max.

on display, aura light, and X mode are always off.

im not that much of a gamer so i play games rarely .

i do watch videos and play music but not that much.

i checked apps that are allowed to auto-start i disables it all.

what should i do?

need help, pls fix this issue


  • We all are facing battery drain, earlier I used to get 5hrs of Pubg, now less than 3hrs.

    @Anders_ASUS please look into this. We understand it might take some time to fix this due to Coronavirus but if you can confirm this as an issue that would be really helpful.

  • @akhilj66 @Anders_ASUS 

    i agree if its a normal phone and ur playing pubg draining battery i would understand, but this is a gaming phone with a mass 6000 mah battery.

    and if its showing low back up then what does it mean..........????

    i checked with 2 battery performance app 1 of them showing its health is 92% but i just bought it 3 weeks ago and i didnt use it much other than watching video and making calls only 1 time i got a chance to play COD.

    and its health became 92%?

    how can Asus fix this........????

    through update?

    the more days passes the less chance i get for exchange if required that is.

    really hoping Asus can help me regarding this matter its not just me so many people using ROG II are complaining the same Battery Performance issue.

    so pls fix this b4 it get out of hand

  • ok I can log your device to see the reason why it drains so much battery. I will send you a PM with all the instructions

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