Bugs after android 10

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I already gave lots of bug report

But people start criticizing me for feedback...

Another bugs are here

1. Air trigger are not working properly... doesn't press and press delay like problem

2. Sometimes i swipe down notification panel it lock my screen..

3. Start showing android system charging connect warning.....but there is no wire connect

4. Notification on lock screen keep disappearing and hide like this picture...

5. There is lag while playing which was not in pie. Even in small games


  • Same problem with me

    1) phone gets locked automatically. Ghost touch

    2) games extremely laggy. Constant drops in frame rates for all games

    3) total performance issue

  • I am noticing one bug only... In my phone that is gpc location not working properly.. Its most of time show i am in xankandi. Outside of India ???.. Then i go to map and after 4,5 try it's back in India.. In my place. BT too annoying because in Google feed always outside of India to and weather app set to auto location also outside of India.. Always..

  • После обновления до андроид 10 стал лагать, не запускаются игры. Долго перезапускается. Тупит. Исправляйте. Выкатили не стабильную обнову!!!

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    2. Double tapping on the status bar locks the screen (if you have the feature double tap to open/close screen on in settings)

  • DaulatDaulat Level 1

    There are too mang bugs which i experience while i use my phone can't list them all but the A10 update was a total failure to be honest.

    First 3-4 it was good but after that the experience seems to be below Average.

    There are bugs while playing games, or using YouTube or any video app.

    Notification session is buggy.

    Gps is working poorly

    Overall experience after A10 is a total letdown. I don't know how beta people handled it all.

    They need a good software team. This team is doing nothing.

    Can't ever list down all the bugs there are too many random glitches n hangs. Sometimes screen freezes

    There is total blackout using messaging apps.

    A9 was way better.

    Nothing is fixed but everything is ruined.

    Only thing they could fix was the call log issue.

    Need a good improvement real soon.

    I hope u all fix everything

  • KanuKanu Level 2

    Yes i agree. A10 was pathetic tbh. Reverted back to a9 and it's so much better

  • Its all about the factory reset guys...after the update i was facing the heating issue, battery drain unexpected crashing of applications....i just performed the factory reset and every thing is back to normal now...phone is still running like a beast..

  • Take a backup first then

    just factory reset the whole set

    all problems solved

  • What issues are you still experiencing after the factory reset?

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