Android 10 battery drain (Revert to 9?)

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Well.. this is just sick, as bad as my former s9+ which i switched to rp2 because of the battery.. less than 3 hours of screen on time and almost drained within 16 hours. On android 9 i would have ~60% of a charge left..

Is there a way to revert to android 9 without the need to reset my phone?


  • Sorry to hear that the new update is creating some battery issues for you.

    Before reverting, I recommend backing up all of your data.

    You can find the downgrade tool there.

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    I have the same problem with my ROG 2,. This is stupid update only took 6 hours of standby and my phone is 22%

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    yeah, well nice.. now after the restart when using downgrade my phone doesnt even turn on..

    zcreen is black, doesnt react to charging

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    Oh shit,. Good thing I didn't do it yet...

  • Just to compare with reverted phone to android 9 (manager to gry it running)

    Almost the same screen time along with the same time since charge.. over 40% battery difference

  • AndreaAndrea Level 1

    How have you resolved your issue of the phone not booting after downgrade?

  • Yes! My battery life sucks since the android 10 update!

  • How to downgrade to android 9

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    Bruh you didn't use facebook. Chrome is used less. YouTube is nowhere. Not a good comparison. I agree with you that a10 has a bit of battery drain but You're misdirected. It wouldn't have been 19% if you'd have used almost exactly the same as a10 but it would be closer to 30.

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    Yeah but those are not that power hungry apps. Not like i was gaming compared to video and social apps. 15 minutes od fb vs 22 of Instagram. And theres no way that 45 minutes of youtube took 40% of charge itself. Actually it took 1% as an app, the screen uptime is what matters here.

    Comparision isnt perfect but it clearly states a point and i hope it will restrain ppl from upgrading to 10, its not worth a fuss at this point.

  • The big difference is that when you upgrade from Android 9 to 10, there's a risk that bugs will happen. It can happen with a specific app that starts to run constantly in the background. When you downgrade to Android 9, you will lose all data. So you're comparing a clean Android 9 install VS a maybe bugged Android 10. If you had just tried to factory reset first, maybe that would have solved your issue.

    It also looks like you might have had the previous (bad) version of Facebook installed on Android 10. 5% battery lost after only 15 minutes of use. Facebook updated recently because of this so if you had just waited one day, it would have downloaded the new version and your battery could have gone back to normal.

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