Desktop dock problem after A10!!

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There's 2 big issues now when i play pubg and i press right click and i move the mouse the camera does not move its happen only with the right click.. The other issue is with scroll click sometimes when i press the scroll click and the mouse show i cant click anything with it and when i back to the game i cant move and cant do anything.. Its rly annoying plz fix this asap


  • try downgrading the firmware, tell me please if it fix. (i am scared because I was thinking of buying the dock)

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    I didn't downgrade my phone yet .. but they really need to make the joystick when u move to the right or left more realistic for now and even before u cant beek because its move the character more than it should and its really annoying if they can fix these problems it will be so good

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    Please move this to the devs :(

  • Can you please make a screen recording of this? Or even better, ask a friend to record both your mouse and the screen when you right click and move your mouse. With this video it's easier for me to explain to our devs what's wrong

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    Yes i can but how can i upload it .. here ?

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    I upload it to YouTube right this in the search .. Problem with desktop dock after A10

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    So 3 main issues .. so i hope u don't forget the last issue the joystick acceleration

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    @Anders_ASUS hi any news ?

  • You only mentioned two issues. First one is know and will get fixed. The joystick issue is not really an issue. How do you suggest we solve it with arrow keys translated into joystick movement? I would say that it should be instant like it already is.

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    I mentioned an issue before if u read it before go top the scroll issue .. btw what i suggest about the joystick just try the pubg mobile simulator for the pc or any other key mapping program and u will see what i mean .. there's no acceleration for now it just move to the last and make the character moves to far compare to the other key mapping programs .. thank u for ur answer

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    Hello @Anders_ASUS can u tell me when the update is coming please

  • I don't have any issue with the scrollbutton on my device with beta so I guess we have fixed it.

    I just tried tencents keymapping and I still don't get what you're trying to say. I must admit that I'm not a PUBG gamer so please explain to me in detail how tencent is different from our solution when it comes to WASD movement? There is however an overall big difference in how Tencent has integrated their keymapping. It recognizes when there is a change in the graphics engine and changes the keymapping in a way that we never could. I should never say never but it's not very likely that we could make the same integration with our keymapping.

    The best thing would be if you can have your friend record you while playing on your device so you explain what it is that you want.

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    Yh sure i'll capture video about WASD movement soon ..rly thank you

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    Hi @Anders_ASUS, The Right Click issue is not fixed in Version WW-17.0240.2007.27.

    Can you help us to fix this issue?

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    Hi @Anders_ASUS can i ask why it take so long to fix the right click i update 2 time and still not fixed yet

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    Can anyone plz reply for this annoying problem!! @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS

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    Thank you man ..

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