A10 - org.codeaurora.ims preventing sleep and random restarts

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Last night while using the TwinView dock, I kept getting this popping up as a battery draining app randomly. It also was popping up after being detached from the dock. I haven't installed any new apps on my phone besides the Android 10 update.

The phone was also randomly rebooted this morning and when I unlocked it. A ton of random notifications were appearing then disappearing. One of them being DisplayLink was running. Which I swear was one of those apps you install if your phone doesn't support native video out through USB-C. I used this app on my Pixel 2XL with a DisplayLink USB-C hub.



  • Just wanted to add another bug. I normally play Azur Lane before going to bed and lock the phone with the game running. Every time I wake up now. The game is closed and has to restart. It's closing all my apps that are in the background. I have all my games set to not be optimized by the system and use as much data/battery they want. So I don't understand why it's closing them.

    This wasn't happening before.

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    I don't know why it says that org.codeaurora.ims is draining your battery. This is a default system service so it's probably some other app that's triggering this service to pop up as constantly active. Did you see it again after the restart? I believe ROG Phone 2 users DisplayLink for one of our accessories.

    It's not a bug that Azur Lane gets killed during your sleep. This is one of the changes Google did in Android 10 and something we just need to accept unfortunately.

  • Well, then it is clear as sky that for a better life (read: more optimize RAM management and more battery backup), we should not update to A10.

    There's no benefit from it except the security patch.

    I have tried the Game Drive under developer option, and there's no improvement of FPS at all for Black Desert Mobile (being capped at 40 - 45Hz); while this phone can push more above that. But as your usual answer for typical issues, perhaps it is the app related issue.

    Btw, good job for bringing up the A10!

  • Ah. I figured setting apps to not be optimized in the system settings prevented this.

    I believe it's the accessories that are triggering that codeaurora thing. Maybe to do with RGB?

  • Are you suggesting not to update to A10 ? What about the bugs in A9 ?

  • I replied "Probably is ;)" to "But as your usual answer for typical issues, perhaps it is the app related issue"

    A10 is more secure than A9. As for performance and battery time, I have no comment. Should be about the same

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