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Hi, after latest 0.17.0 update of PUBG my game is lagging like hell. If i want to land in hotdrop my game is almost freezing. I have a stable ping of 90 ms always. I have no idea why this is happening. Before this update i had no issue at all. Anybody facing same issue?? Please help. My device is tencent edition. 8/128 rog 2.


  • Same on WW version 12/512 ROG phone 2. Before upgrade, PUBG mobile works smooth after their update to 0.17. But after A10, it's random chopping happens again

  • Well getting PUBG to run smooth is a real science on any phone because there are so many things that can go wrong. Go to Google and search for "pubg hot drop lag" and you will get a lot of tips and fixes. Some include the PUB Gfx tool and others just tell you to clear your apps cache. I haven't experienced these lags on my own phone so I don't know which fixes that work but it would be nice if you can test them all out and post your result here

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    Thats the games fault, Not the phones fault. Blame pubg devs.

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    @Anders_ASUS @TITAN Seriously I am done with this phone,you call this a gaming phone,pubg lags like hell ,fps drops to 20 ,game freezes ,crashes. iPad mini 5 performance is top notch, iPad's fps stays around 59 to 60 even in hard full squad landings,ipad mini 5 just blows away this so called gaming beast in terms of gaming.what's wrong with you asus?. I am utterly disappointed with ROG.I used to brag about Rog 2 to my friends .But everyone's laughing at my have put me to shame Asus

  • Gas anyone got solutions for this lag issue .please send

  • It is true. There are frame drops in rog 2 when there are too many people in same place. I just want to know if the asus partner with unity then will it make pubg more stable or no?

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