Current in the metal frame

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I know this is weird,but whenever I connect my phone to my laptop current starts passing through the metal frame .

The current is not so little and not so large also.But someone can definitely get electrocuted.

Due to this I had to suddenly unplug the phone from laptop in middle of a file transfer.

Please resolve the issue

Edit : This problem does not occur when plugged into the charger(adapter 18W)




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    It's not the issue with device it's with the charging socket , there is no proper earthing at your home or socket or laptop as you said you are not having the same problem with 18W charger

  • As I said it happens only when connected to laptop.

    It does not happen while charging from socket

  • I can also feel current in frame while charging but it is because of earthing in my home.

    Secondly, as you said when you charge directly through socket you don't feel current but from your laptop you get current, I want to first of all point that power output from a laptop's usb port is incredibly low, maybe around 0.2A.

    So the issue is most likely with your laptop charging adapter it must be having massive current leak, and laptop being plastic, you may not feel it. But only when you connect usb to your mobile you may feel that leak.

    Also current in our home devices is so low that you can never get electrocuted, so relax. At most you may feel a sting but that's it.

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