Pubg Lags And Glitches ! See Images !

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Uzi Glitch In PUBG Mobile 0.17 !

I reinstall the game but issue is same !

Android 10 beta 8 !

Forward it to developers ! So that they can fix it also the game is lagging like hell ! Fps drops like shit ! Sometimes i even think that is this really a gaming phone ?

Note** This glitch is only in rog 2 as other devices are working smooth ! Even with no lags and no uzi glitch !

Kindly work on it !



  • i agree with the lag... and fps drop bro so much i can relate..haha.

  • specs wise our phone should handle this game smoothly. even with max graphics i am using balance extreme settings but there is still that fps drops.. FPS stability is pretty poor.. it is ok if it drops from 55+ from 60 but to drop to 40 is pretty lame. :(

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    It's one thing if it drops to 40 fps. That's still playable. But If it drops below 30 fps, then it's definitely not playable and very noticable.

    I have a theory which could be wrong but I believe ROG Phone II users notice lag/fps drop more because it's one of the few phones out there that comes with a built in fps counter.

    Now here's a video where they have enabled a FPS counter on a black shark 2 with settings set to Smooth & Extreme

    In this video they used GameBench but nowadays most users use KF Mark since GameBench is no longer available without a special account.

    Now I have no idea which version of PUBG that's running on this phone but you can see that the game can "lag" even on smooth setting when nothing is really happening. If the FPS counter wasn't there, then you wouldn't register it as noticeably as you do now.

  • That's a game bug and it's happening on all devices (my friends own 7t and realme X2pro,it too has stutters and fps drops)

    It's due to the bad optimisation of the game

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    The uzi bug happens to other phones as well, it's a result of an uzi skin not being updated with red dot/holo sight attachment.

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