edited September 2020 in ROG Phone 2

I guess the devs should really learn from this optimization done by a fellow user here. I mean the default X mode presets are not helping and this optmization has lower consumption but is effective enough to stablize FPS. I use it on my ROG 2 and it is working just fine. Super mecha champion has some FPS issue too if I preset it to 60 FPS. For Asphalt 9, there is still drops. I mean common I think our phone can still perform better with stable FPS and not so hot TEMP. I mean they say playing at 45c is ok but it burns your fingers. It is not enjoyable gaming experience anymore. So from this i think the devs could still optimize and make good use of the hardware that we have in order to have an efficient XMODE PRESETS. I think the X MODE PRESETS still needs some tweaking. I mean for us normal user who doesn't even understand hardcore tuning values. No tutorial whatsoever. My sister's p30 performs very well on FPS HDR EXTREME on an hotdrop compared to my ROG2. Thinking that the score of benchmark is too far 300k(P30) vs 500k(ROG2).

I mean from as a fellow user of ROG2 Benchmark really doesn't matter. All that matters for us as a gamer is the performance and the optimization of it when playing games.


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