Summer is coming do something about heating

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I dont care android 10 as much as I care about heating. Any game with or without heating is causing the phone to reach 42degress. I know all phones heat but still it should be able to handle it.


  • So many people with heating problems and mine keeps a steady 60-120 FPS while being under 40C. Without the cooler.

    Even when I have mine plopped into the TwinView Dock and have two games going it stays under 40C.

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    I guess you don't use X-mode. Without X-mode mine is running 39-42C

  • Sakė here. Never reaches 40°. I've sat the temperature tolerance to cool. And xmode off if the game runs stable 60/120fps.

  • Mine reaches 42-43C on both asphalt and pubg . There were times when asphalt even crashed. I do use x mode while playing.

  • 42° is not heat lol. I manage to push the phone to 50° and still running fine???

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    Lol cooling is not going to improve much with software. For ROG Phone 3, maybe they could drastically improve the cooling like having a swappable back cover with exposed heatsink + fans

  • The temperature depends your ambient temperature and at what temp you allow your phone to throttle. In the games profile scenarios (Armoury Crate) you can set game temperature to low, default or high. For some games, you won't notice that it throttles the CPU because it's mostly dependent on the GPU. This may even extend your battery life.

    Easiest way to find out if your game needs high CPU speeds is to lower it and then measure the fps.

    ROG Phone II doesn't get hotter than other phones on the inside but since we have a vent design that lets the heat out, it feels like it's much hotter than another phone that could be running much hotter on the inside.

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