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Bugs While playing pung on ROG phone 2

There are some serious bugs in the rog phone 2 that can be seen in rog phone 2 for one the scope on gyroscope shakes constantly while charging and there's a minor but effective shake in gyroscope even when not charging the second one is the player doesn't prone when you try to prone after a short run and the player automatically stands and in TDM the player doesn't jumb from a slide and instead take half jumps in stutters and continue sliding
Is this happening only to me and what's the solution?
I've tried everything reset the phone, uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but it doesn't go away this problem doesn't exist with other phones

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This has been discussed before in a few places. Please refer to the linked threads.


As i am a pro gamer i had mastered gyro in my old one plus 6t but after switching to this rog 2 phone the gyro seems to be a little unsettled the recoil many times goes a little right upwards or left upwards by itself which make the recoil uncontrollable pls fix it guys it's having a huge impact on my gaming performance . For now i switched back to one plus 6t for gaming .


Pls see this how gyro goes upwards event by putting more pressure downward than normal . In my one plus 6t i could have played with gyro at ease and easily contrallable

Gyroscope problem in pubG mobile (Sound warning)


If future update fixes the gyroscope in pubG then I would give u guys a dozen of thanks .

Thank you LP_ASUS , Anders_ASUS for listening to our feedbacks

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TLDR: We can recreate these issues in PUBG on other devices, it is a game issue. We are also working on improvements to the gyroscope that will be available sometime after the Android 10 update.