lower spec phones loads into the PUBGM game lobby before me ? Same network

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Why do people with lower spec phones loads into the PUBGM game before me ?

Same wifi and same place we are playing.

During voice call normal mode the caller can't hear me properly when i switched to speaker and return to normal it work some time i think its software issue..

When Android 10 launching..

waiting for your answer thanks


  • bro i am also facing the same issue.. i am always... the 3rd or 4th one to join the match. You will be surprised that i am playing pubg mobile on a wired internet connection without any sim card or any other app in the phone than the native apps. I have never inserted a SIM card in the phone. I play it using WI - fi or wired connection with "Asus Professional Dock"

    I use airtel broadband. Upload speed is 8 MBPS and download is 40 MBPS. Still no luck.

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    Hi, this happens even in CODM too.

    Sometimes my friend's phones with mid range specs load out quickly than ROG 2. Even after an match, scores screen load quickly to them..

    I don't think thats an issue though. Its merely a 2-4 second delay for me.

    Maybe, because ROG runs with Max graphics and others load with mid graphics.

    Other possible reason could be that PUBG/CODM are not properly optimised for ROGs hardware.(?)

  • Facing the same problem here. Pubg is lagging and I feel it's getting worst everyday. At some point I might consider selling the phone soon.

  • Im having the same issue as well

  • Hello, I bought an Asus Rog Phone 2 and i suddenly have h+ to same even at Wifi where i'm very cool but it's a problem. I had a Note 10 Plus before, and i've never reassured the Problem. I am mainly brutally set by pubgm astahovani! I'd need some advice, it's a good machine, but it's a bad dream next to the problemi mit! It's really 120hz but it's not happy with the problems! Please for vires

  • I face this problem also where people get in the lobby first then myself....

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    I don't know why cheaper phones can log into PUBG faster but I guess the developer can answer why this could be. My guess is that's it's random.

    Is it often that the caller can't hear you?

    Android 10 is launching soon. Very soon

  • From my end i experience it too.. i have good connection and all but the one who loads first is other phone lower spec than mine goes first... i really dont mind it at first but someone bring it up.. and i am quite curious as to why it happens.

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    even when i lunch the PUBG the lower mobile 2 years(iphone 8 plus) or samsung A70 lunch before my ROG 2 is that real 12 RAM etc.

    its better i sell not every time we have to discuss the issues i am having worst experience with ROG 2 not satisfied

  • I honestly don't know what the most important factors are for logging in to a server first of everybody but I can promise you that RAM is not one of them. Iphone is not even running the same software/game code so you can't compare. Why the A70 logged in faster beats me. If we showed a slide to journalists showing that ROG Phone can log in to a PUBG server 15% faster than any other phone, would they care? Probably not. But if you on the other hand can say that your friend with the A70 constantly has lower ping than you even if you switch seats, well then that is something that matters.

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    Not only the A70 also we try from the same place and same network other mobile like S10, P30 pro they lunch PUBG before and first in lobby also i am not asking for camera or other features if its gaming phone it should be first

  • Well I just tested against one competitors phone that also have Snapdragon 855. ROG Phone II started the game almost 2 seconds faster and got into the game almost 3 seconds faster. But I'm sure that if I had done this test multiple times, the result would be different. I also don't feel it's important which phone that enters the game first because it has nothing to do with performance. I wouldn't be surprised if a 5 year old phone could get into the game faster. To me it's like comparing how fast you can start the engine on different cars. It says nothing about which car that will finish the race first.

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    I do not know why less expensive phones guide

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