Mobile manager on Rog with autostart manager and stuff...

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the rom comes with mobile manager app which is there to control autostart of apps and other very usefull settings . But even though all apps are denied from autostarting the apps still manage to start on its own if this was fixed then battery management of the phone can be improved and also when u optimize or clean memory it doesnt actually clean as in mi rom or eui roms @Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @CH_ASUS @Kris_ASUS


  • Can you please tell me which specific app that can start by itself when denied in the auto start manager?

    It would also be great if you could clarify which memory optimization feature you have been using because I'm pretty sure you haven't tried our Super Clean mode. Instead of killing everything, we let the user choose what to kill.

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    Instagram Snapchat are the two apps which i found most running and draining battery as u can see i have not set autolaunch for those apps but still it auto launches [1] and also i do use super clean since the day i got rog in my hands but many apps doesnt show up to select on super clean mode these are few of those apps [2][3]

  • Just because it reports that Snapchat has downloaded something doesn't mean that auto-start manager doesn't work. If you have started it manually at some point, it will download a lot of data on the first start. You could try and go to the app info of snapchat, force close it and clear its storage. If you go back to auto-start manager, then it should say not running.

    Wait for a couple of days and make sure that you don't manually start snapchat. Now you may look in auto-start manager again to see if it has downloaded data or if it says not running.

    I believe the reason why no IM app is included in the super clean is because we had so many complaints about people not getting their messages. But if you're refusing these apps from starting in auto-start manager, then there shouldn't be any problem

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    Yeah bro I understand autostart manager works for all apps I love it too but this app should have been included in super clean cause even though it's denied from auto launching as soon as it's connected to data or WiFi messages keeps popping up. So if it was provided in superclean then people who don't need will disable or enable..

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