Asus 6z not recieving FOTA Update after repair.

edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Hello, My ASUS 6z (ZS630KL-2A037WW) is under warranty and it's motherboard was replaced 2 times as it was faulty. Since when it was repaired, i haven't received any update. when i checked asus 6z firmwares on official site, i saw there were many further updates available. Whenever i click on "Check Now" for system update in settings, it shows system is up to date. So, because of this issue, i manually updated my android 9 to android 10 three days ago. and today i saw new update on asus site which was released on 2020/02/17 and i am not receiving its FOTA too. I did clearing cache and data of FOTA service and Download manager and also restarted my phone but my phone still not getting it.

My firmware version is WW-17.1810.2001.121 (I manually updated to this version after waiting for months!)


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