PUBG lags with screen recording

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What's the point of gaming phone when this stupid phone can't even record screen while starts lagging...sud have bought Iphoje xr ...I can't record videos without dying coz of lags when 2-3 squads nearby so annoying


  • Yes it's laggy nowadays .

    Maybe upgrading to Android 10 may fix this . Let's wait a little longer and see.

  • This is true. I second that. The game does lags when you turn on screen recorder or use hardware dock to stream media to capture card.

  • Pubg fps goes 25-48 when playing while screen recording.... I try to make videos but it's useless..coz I can't play as good as without recording starts freezing with fps drops ..

  • M facing the same issue.

    If using any third party app to records gameplay, it won't lag, but internal function of screen recording is buggy.

    Requesting asus team to fix the same.

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    This(lag) also happens when i stream by connecting my Avermedia Capture card to the Asus professional dock using an HDMI cable.

  • If you have your screen set to 120Hz and start a screen recording, then there will be stuttering because the screen recorder is limited to 90Hz

    But I tried both with and without screen recording when locking the frame rate to 60Hz and then it's more like maybe, just maybe some micro stuttering. Not sure if I imagine it or if it's really there.

    Please let me know what you think if you change the PUBG Scenario Profile Display setting to 60Hz? Did this solve your issue?

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    I always use 60hz only , not even 90hz... And It stopped lagging after I changed temperature control to high in armory crate settings for pubg... If that doesn't fix enabling x mode and setting performance to ultimate fixes lag...because I am not lagging anymore even with screen recorder.

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