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When i play hdr content, display brightness not boosted ? Is this a normal behaviour or bug ? As far as i know HDR display always tend to boost the brightness when hdr content played. Is this a normal behaviour for rog phone 2 ?


  • What are you comparing too? A TV or other phones with HDR? They won't act the same. In fact, some HDR TV-shows and movies can look darker if they are HDR when viewed on a phone which supports HDR

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    HDR is the capacity to show much more details in overexposed and underexposed parts of the picture. Dark areas and bright areas should show all levels of shades and light. The best way to test is a high quality black & white picture/ video. Bumping up light would blow out overexposed parts and make darkest parts less dark. That would not be as evident on an oled screen where black means no light at all. But would affect those fine shades of grey which would get too much light. I find the Rog 2 to be quite good in this field. Results from the camera are great both in video and photo, that being the result not only of the screen but also of the Sony sensor. HDR video mirrored on the LG C9 TV looks amazing, the quality level equals that of the promotional video material that came with TV. The Rog 2 panel is almost as good as C9, but mostly lacks a little in sharpness, which is understandable given the Rog 2 resolution. The level of brightness is similar. To appreciate the Rog 2 screen's dynamic range, apart from watching photos and videos taken by the camera, I propose a black & white Netflix film Roma. There you can play with Rog's 2 screen brightness in relation to the environment to achieve the best picture, but generally it's best to set screen to 50% brightness and then adjust a little bit up or down. The shades of light and dark are just mesmerising. You can notice how increasing brightness to full actually degrades the quality of the picture. And no you will not see the "notorious" red light effect.

  • Im comparing with my old phone, Xperia XZ Premium with 4K HDR display. but again, my old phone use IPS Panel, it will crank up the brightness at some level (not 100%) when playing hdr content. It just strange to me to watch hdr content with lowest brightness of the dipslay with worrying about red tint and color accuracy ( below 50% this phone color accuracy is very inconsistent). In my opninion its great if asus add this automatic brightness increase feature when playing hdr content so i dont need to manually slide brightness slider :). I think its good behavior to increase brightness at some level, tuned by asus. ( I usually use my phone with lowest brightness for daily usage. ) @Anders_ASUS .

    @OPC i know this phone have quite good panel, but you really cant compare this phone with c9, this phone panel missing too many feature to compare but well as we talk about brightness. c9 can decide when and where it should increase the brightness with local dimming and etc. And rog phone 2 cant do that of course. I think still its better asus the one who's deciding at what nits of birghtness this phone should be. They can calibrate it where the brightness should be for most hdr content( i know it cant cover 100% of content of course). Im not asking asus to analyze every hdr content we play on phone because as an engineer i know thats too complex. At least asus can decide where this phone brightness should when playing hdr content with most accurate color accuracy at and consider many thing with display ( honestly im not an expert if i have to talk about display but i know at this time asus can increase the quality of display when playing hdr content at least) . Well in the end this is just a suggestion it up to asus to implement it or not but please consider it. Im not a gamer but i like this phone as multimedia phone. @Anders_ASUS

  • I'm not sure there's any automatic adjustments to be made. Netflix HDR support comes with requirements that we need to fulfill or it wouldn't stream the HDR content at all. I would suggest that you compare some HDR material from netflix on your phone with someone that has another HDR phone. Find the same frame and you will see that they display that scene with the same amount of brightness. It's just the way phones handle HDR material from these sources

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