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When can we expect Android 10 on Rog phone II ???

Anyone facing kind of heating during normal use like watching YouTube or while playing music ???


  • Even my device heating while playing YouTube videos and music too @asus

  • Is this because of no proper software optimization or hardware issue or proper heat dissipation??

    Kindly someone who knows about this please do comment.

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    Yesterday my device CPU heated upto 51°c & GPU up to 49°c while watching YouTube video... @Anders_ASUS

  • It's because of some 3rd party app. Doesn't close in background eats up battery and when it's not a trusted app or has some malware or whatever, heats up the phone too. Try and find out which.

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    No heating up doing whatever except gaming. And playing Asphalt 9 for several hours with settings in X-mode set to Ultimate, CPU max, temperature control set to high, it never goes beyond 49 degrees C. My Aeroactive cooler fan is also set to max which keeps the phone at 39-40 deg C. This eats a battery within 3 hours and the fan on max is noisy, but it's efficient. If I reduce temperature settings to default and fan speed to Auto, it can heat up to 43 deg C, but I can play for 6 hours.

  • What's screen on time ??? Can everyone share their screen on time ???

  • I'm on Android 9 and the maximum temperature mine reaches is 30 degrees with WiFi and 33 degrees with mobile data (YouTube)

    If I'm playing call of duty it reaches maximum 34 degrees , this is with maximum brightness

    Also regarding the aero cooling fan, it really does eat up the battery. I purchased a generic fan for £5 from eBay which drained the battery too, however, I then purchased a power bank for £10 and I now plug the generic fan into the powerbank and attach it to the Rog II. It keeps the phone atleast 10 - 14 degrees cooler and as it's plugged into the powerbank it doesn't take up any extra battery from the Rog

  • My SOT with no gaming is around 16 - 18 hours. This is with WiFi only and brightness between 10 - 40% (depending on time of day)

    SOT while I'm at work using mobile data and again, 10-40% brightness is around 13 hours (mobile data is greedy with battery life)

    SOT with gaming is still good for me. I don't bother with X mode as X mode doesn't seem to make a difference unless I'm using an emulator such as Damon PS2, Dolphin or Citra. With Call of duty at 70% brightness and WiFi, I get 10 hours of play time. I don't actually play 10 hours however the phone drops 10% every hour with Call of duty .

  • That's seriously good .!!! I charged my phone to 100 and right now I'm getting about 7 hours of SOT.

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    7 hours ? That doesn't seem right, unless you're gaming mostly ? I forgot to mention I'm always on 60hz & my reception is always great . I have the tencent edition and I'm in the UK.

    Also my location is always off unless I need it, Bluetooth always off unless I need it, nothing running in background except gsam battery monitor. Go to your location settings and then go to "scanning" and make sure WiFi scanning is off (WiFi scanning will scan for WiFi even when WiFi is off, it's a battery drainer)

  • I use it under 90Hz ....and i play call of duty. Always on display on. Mainly this Google Play services is consuming a lot of battery.

    How to fix this ??

  • Multiple threads under the same name please check it !

  • I don't have always on display, that is definitely taking extra juice

  • I don't experience any heat issues when watching YouTube or playing music. The phone stays cold to the touch.

    The only time I experience heat issue sof 40-49 degrees is playing COD.

    I regularly use YouTube in PiP when browsing, using Reddit, playing games even or using my phone and it doesn't heat up at all.

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    Is this normal??? Low brightness to 15 to 0, Off xmode on and rbg light off and running in's still draining fast..

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