Sadly leaving ROG Phone 2 Family?

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I'm sorry to say, I'm leaving the ROG Phone 2 Family. I've had mine 28 days and it's going back for refund tomorrow. The fist day I bought it, it would not "next" through all the start up menus and to this day, you can't do a master reset using power and volume down. I was able to get through the menu by fast tapping, but have had problems with messages not receiving, bluetooth earsets don't work, due to poor call quality/no VoLTE? I was still keeping hope, until today, my Wife tried to call and text me with an emergency and I got nothing. Before your troubleshooting minds go into overdrive, I worked in cellular back when they sent you to 2 month, 8 hour day training,. I turn my phone off everyday to get a fresh signal, I called T-Mobile and all checked out fine from network to SIM, but when I called ASUS tech support for the 3rd time in 28 days, they unfortunately were not surprised and gave me an RMA to send it back. He told me he has heard that before.

Why couldn't ASUS put the same world class quality into this actually being used as a phone, as they did making everything else the best of the best? I'll never be the same, because Samsung and iPhone will never have all the tech this phone has. ?

A couple of you helped me recently with issues, so thank you.


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