Phone and service quality.

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Unmerciful trash, the first fell after 2 days of purchase, diagnosis and replacement for another took "super" service over a month, the second copy died after 1 day and was reportedly tested by "super" service, now I have to wait for the third play another month. A parody and mockery and I had Asus for a serious company, the phone was bought at the end of November and I used it for 3 days, if using it can be called continuous restarts. Purchase and service in Poland.


  • Skorzystaj z rękojmi a nie gw i zażądaj wymiany lub zwrotu pieniędzy.

  • But I like the phone (they offered a refund), and I bought a case for $ 35. The worst is the service approach and the slow pace of dealing with complaints, they explain everything with Asus procedures.

  • Jak ci się podoba telefon to się męcz ; ). ?

  • I dropped mine on the wooden floor and not only did the shitty screenprotector crack, the entire screen and front glass cracked... And how long did it take to repair? About 2 months... Through a website for the professional workshop i could see what parts had arrived and the estimated delivery time for them... Asus was supposed to send a new battery which was estimated to arrive 5 days after i sent the phone. It took almost 2 months.

    Very good marketing...

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