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!DEVS! Please and fix the camera!

Video quality is just BAD, under 50 mb bitrate is just wrong.If you dosnt want to work with the video side of the camera, then open the apis for other applications like Open Camera so it can take control all of the features what the camera offers.Ope...

Easter Egg Android 10

Hello, the Easter Egg in Zenfone 6 Android 10 the puzzle don't work..What can I do?

Rafz by Star II
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A problem has been observed

Dear Asus, I noticed the following problem, very often while browsing the Internet the phone can hang for a short time and you can't scroll through the pages at all, be it the processor or the software? It's not just many times. Another question I ha...

Zenfone 6 back case and tempered glass

Dear friends,Can anyone suggest best back case/cover and tempered Glass for the Asus Zenfone 6 2019 version. But the cost of back case should be around $15 (INR 1000 bucks) and tempered would be around $7 ( INR 500 bucks)I'm searching for too long p...

Alaudeen by Rising Star I
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File Manager improvement

Please try to add swipe Functionality in the file manager to access Internal and external storage. As of now, we have an options to move between internal and External through clicking home icon and then changing the storage or clicking three line ico...

Alaudeen by Rising Star I
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Camera app lags.

-Camera apps lags too much.-It takes time to get open.-It sometimes crashes especially in video mode.-Their is also a problem in slow motion recording, that the slow-mo shots does not edit as it is supposed to.

Motherboard problems?

Hi allI would like to buy this phone but i have a few questions before: the problems with the motherboard were fixed now? Or any update is a risk? as i cant buy it on monthly payment from UK, where I'm living, i will buy it from a third party shop f...

Always On Display (AOD) for Zenfone 6?

Hi all!I don't know if this has been discussed already, but could it be possible to include the AOD (always on display) function in the further updates?I know that the Zenfone 6 is equipped with an IPS screen (that was one of the reasons why I chose ...

CbIP by Star III
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